I would like to thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for Apostle Maposa..i registered for call list and apostle prayed for me..i had a problem of a delayed employment contract and loss of sense of smell..after apostle prayed for me my sense of smell is coming back and 2 days after prayer i received an email with my contract and am starting my new job in october, Thank you Jesus.


Morning Apostle Thank you for the prayer on sunday September . I was touching the tv screen whilst you were praying and felt the warmth in my body. The prayer cleared my blocked nose, the pain on my left hip disappeared. Please continue to pray for me I'm married for 9 years now and still no babies in the marriage.Doctors diagnosed me endometriosis and said I'll never be able to conceive naturally. Thank you once again for your prayers.

Gmail. com

Thank you Jesus for all that you have done in my life along with my husband, ever since the gala dinner at cresta our life took a turn of wonder ... above all we managed to buy a car we have long wanted to buy and GOD GAVE US A GREAT CAR one we never expected top of the range bmw, my fiance managed to pay for my bridal price and now traditionally married awaiting to do our white wedding celebration and say our vows before our God, as if that was not enough i long completed my degree course in 2013 but for me to receive my certificate its been one problem after the other , but by the grace of God i hve been told it ready for collection at the university. as if that was not enough the greatest gift of all my GOD showed me all my fears of not having kids are just nothing as i am writting this i am pregnant in my initial stages being my greatest gift for my christmas 2015 and a way to begin my new year bringing a life to this world. thank you Jesus for this great transformation.

NDENDE KAMANGAkamonde Constrution

May 2013 I started Training center at Roodepoort, Monday I was off till Wednesday. I'm a nurse by professing and I was working night shift, Thursday I went to class in the morning from there I went to work at night 18h45 I'm reporting at work, then Friday morning my boss call me asking me what happened on the 1st of May public holiday, she told me she got a report management that there was an injury on duty that occurred on 1st May and was nor reported and procedure was not followed ad I was a shift leader that day, I must write an Incident Report, I was shocked because there was no problems that day. She told me the whole story and I wrote that report and left to Roodepoort to meet Apostle Prophet Mufaro Maposa, devil did not want me to meet man of God, but God is good all the times. I manage to go and came back home early and manage to rest even to drive to and fro, from Carletonville to Roodepoort. I love Jesus so much, He gave me strength... After a week, I was called again informed that I must be present for Hearing, I waited for a month because the lady who said she told me about incident was booked off sick for a month. After a month I was called again informed that that lady is sueing the hospital with lawyers, I prayed a lot and asking God to locate me with this problem.. Apostle Maposa was about to start to preach, while he was at the pulpit he located my problem and said God says He put everything in my hands and Apostle pray for me. After 3 months the hearing cancelled and Thank God for His mercy and Love. I was clean.,

Jeanette DigwamajeNot applicable

On the 30th November 2015 at around 1145 hours i made a telephone call for prayer and i was prayed for by the Apostle. But before he could pray for me he told me that i have a calling in my life and the spiritual attacks that i normal i experience are meant to train me for the ministry that God has called me for. I have been having a problem with my ears always making a pitched noise. Immediately after he prayed for me my right ear popped and that noise just dissappeared. i give thanks to lord Jesus Christ for my deliverance and spiritual diverection. may the good lord continue to bless the man of God. thank you.

Patrick GalekgathegeBotswana

Thank you Lord for you are a faithful God.When i started attending the Ministry in Rooderpoort i was a contract worker but The mighty man of God laid his hands on me and i am now permannently employed,every works of the enemy have been destroyed in my life,family restoration,financial breakthrus,The favour of the lord is upon my life eversince..Glory to God.Apostle Mufaro Maposa may the Lord protect you and family,Thank you

Merchantec Capital

thank u sir i love and what God has being using ur ministy i am real bless also pls sir i need ur prayer on my study thank u Peter from Nigeria

Onaivi Adeche PeterSchooling

I started to attend NTC in Katlehong four weeks back but lot of things changed in my life. I had a problem of a strange sound everyday in the mornings in my left ear but since they prayed for me I don't hear the sound its been a week now. I thank God for NTC.

ThembakeleTripple option trading

Man of GOD, i attended a night prayer service in Nelspruit at Thekwane north. I ask for a prayer for my cripple friend and when you pray i saw your eyes become light when you look at me. Things started changing for me, my prayers are answered and i believe am called now.

Leonard PhiriGwedla Cashloans

I was prophesied by Apostle Maposa 3 times on different occasions that God will use me prophetically into councelling of women. For some reason women are coming to me when they have problems. For some reason, even after church, my husband delegates me to pray and counsel some women. I asked Apostle Maposa to pray for me for marriage and a few weeks down the line i got a proposal. I called the prayer centre for the same reason and i was prayed for. As im speaking, im preparing for my wedding next month. I asked the prayer worriors at the prayer centre to pray for me for a job and the following month, i was called for a 2 month contract. That was last year but even today im still working for the same company. This didnt happen by chance but because of the Word of God. Prophetess Martha prophesied to me on MSG TV about my uncle's 7year old child who has an illness and after she prayed, lo and behold, the boy was healed, even today, he never had that sickness again. I was told that id be a Kingdom financer which i am today. I have received a lot of teachings which im implementing today and they are working for me and im growing Spiritually i want more of Jesus everyday. Im not bragging about the man of God ang MSG TV, Im bragging about God and His grace upon his life. Thank you.

Zim NqolobaWord Embassy Grahamstown

MY GOD , MY GOD , MY GOD am bless to be a viewer of MSG TV and i wan to say that GOD trough this channel is blessing me every day with messages and the one of today was wonderful because i love to give . about seed i have never for my life sow a painful seed , as I've receive this message of today i must sow a seed that can break a yuk in my life

Achille carlosTelesat Guinea Ecuatorial

wow the testimony about angelic visitation really lifted my faith,thank you for that and please also pray for me for angelic visation.

itani morandanone

We thank God for the new house and the baby on the way .we prayed together with the man of God this past few months. Praise the Lord!!!!

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